Residents' guide to house rules



Dear Sir/Madam,


On behalf of the representatives of the Owners Association,  we would like to wish you a pleasant stay at the Résidence “Les Belles Challes – Lauzières” and  hope you will enjoy the various sports and entertainment activities on offer at Les Arcs 1800.


To ensure that your stay and that of all other residents is as enjoyable as possible, we ask you to read and take note of the following:


Due to its design, our block can quickly get too noisy if residents do not take appropriate care. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you keep noise levels to a minimum.  In the unfortunate event of a complaint being made against you over noise levels, both you and the owner of the flat you are staying in could face consequences, including – in the case of repeated complaints, your stay being terminated. Our co-ownership is regulated by these Rules of Co-Ownership and House Rules.

In the interest of everyone’s safety and to ensure a peaceful stay for all, we therefore urge you to bear in mind the following:  

Please do not run, play, speak loudly, shout or sing in corridors, landings and balconies.

Please refrain from making phone calls or holding gatherings on balconies and landings, and do not use them as storage areas (no skis in particular).

Do not throw anything over the balconies.


Please keep noise levels inside your apartment to a minimum.



After 10 pm, noise levels must be kept low in corridors, lifts, on balconies,  and inside the apartment.


Please take out your rubbish every day and make sure it goes into the appropriate containers. As a matter of courtesy, when rubbish disposal is  likely to cause a lot of noise, such as glass bottles, we ask that you use the large rubbish containers outside the building known as the “moloks”, for which we give directions below.*

Please be polite to your fellow holidaymakers and residents.  

Also be aware that security cameras are installed throughout the residence. At times a professional security guard will be present to ensure order at the residence.  A note in the hallway will indicate when he is in attendance.

Complaints made against you for night-time disturbances or drunken behaviour will incur a fine of €68. You will be charged the cost of repairs should you cause any damage in the property.


In the unfortunate event that you are a victim or witness of unruly behaviour, you can inform the security guard if present, the caretaker, the residents’ association,  the police (17) or gendarmerie (04 79 07 04 25).


If you think you can resolve the problem without harm to yourself, do not hesitate to do so in a firm but respectful way. If necessary, ask for help from others.


Please file any complaints to the online complaints registry, the “Fichier Déclaratif  des Nuisances” , so that your complaint can be followed up.


Information on the above is displayed in the entrance hall, where you will also find a QR-code for quick access to the complaints registry.


*The “moloks” are huge rubbish containers located at the bus stop “Le Charvet” or north of the Lauzières close to the car park, 50 meters left at the exit of 8th floor (north, car park side) or at the exit of 12th floor.



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